Member of new boy group MVP reveals he used to be a backup dancer for BTS

Andrew Kim, March 13, 2017, 4:34 p.m.

On March 13th, a recently debuted boy group MVP held a press conference for their first mini album "Manifest". The members were all very excited to make their debut and revealed, "We're really nervous. We only slept 3 hours last night."

The members revealed their role models in the industry, "Shinhwa sunbaenim is our role model. We also would like to meet EXO sunbaenim and often monitor BTOB sunbaenim's activities. They're so good at variety shows, dramas, and charts so we look up to them a lot."

They also said, "In our opinion, Big Bang sunbaenim are at the top of the K-pop industry."

One member, Rayoon, shared an interesting fact, "I used to work as a dancer before I debuted, so I got to dance on stage with BTS sunbaenim. I've performed on stage often but my family's all here today. I've never been this nervous. Im really nervous right now."

MVP will have their debut stage on 'The Show' on March 14th.

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