Members of g.o.d Get Pretty to Perform Alongside IOI

Nicholas Kim, Dec. 16, 2016, 8:58 a.m.

Brand new music variety show ‘Golden Tambourine’ started their first episode off with a bang, introducing g.o.d members wearing some very surprising outfits. The December 15th broadcast of ‘Golden Tambourine’ showed Danny Ahn, Son Ho Young, and Kim Tae Woo of g.o.d all dancing along with IOI’s Jeon So Mi in order to perform the track ‘Very Very Very’.


Before he hit the stage Kim Tae Woo commented, ‘I'm prettier than I imagined, but I look more like Hercules than a girl.’ Son Ho Young said, ‘...I don't like that all eyes are on Kim Tae Yoo only!’


The boys of g.o.d really stole the show with their performance, scoring 90 points and beating the other team that had performed as Big Bang. Check it out below!

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