Members of Ladies Code are in the Studio!

kpopluv, July 4, 2014, 8:58 p.m.

Members Sojung and RiSe recently took to social media to update fans on their preparations for their impending comeback!  Member RiSe took to Twitter to release this pic along with the following text, We're recording right now~~~~!!! Our comeback is nearby! Yoohoo~ I want to see you soon>< Kya look forward to it~^^ coming soon~"

Member Sojung also took to twitter to upload this image along with the following text, "Where are we~~~?? We're recording right now. Recording is always fun >< Kya. Everyone, wait just a little more. Ladies' Code is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you".

Their manager also released an image of the group in the studio along with the following text, “Are you looking forward to it? This is the recording site where everyone was together!! What kind of song will come out~~ #LADIESCODE #TodayI'mNotAntiButAnEmployee #POLARISFAMILYtogether #GoodJobGoodJobGoodJo~ob".

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