Michelle Lee Comments On Being Singled Out for Skin Color Through Childhood

Ben Cho, Feb. 20, 2017, 8:10 a.m.

Michelle Lee sat down on ‘Hello’ and shared some her experiences of growing up in South Korea as a woman of color. She was interviewed by a Nigerian man who had appeared on the show to try and shatter stereotypes, sharing that he himself had lived in South Korea for nine years now but still dealt with being treated differently.


He commented, ‘People avoid me saying I'm scary. I was told that I couldn't rent places out because Black people were dirty. I am not a scary or a bad person.’ Michelle Lee agreed with the man and added, ‘When I was young, no one sat next to me on the bus. My friends' parents would tell them, 'Don't touch her, she's dirty'. The reason why I was able to overcome all my hardships is because there were people who loved me. Live for them. It'll make you happier.’

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