Mina Opens Up About Relationship with 17-Year Younger BF Ryu Phillip + How He Confessed!

Anna Park, Sept. 16, 2015, 4:44 p.m.

On this week's episode of 'One Night of TV Entertainment', singer Mina finally opened up about her relationship with her 17-year younger boyfriend, idol group SoReal's Ryu Phillip! In the interview, the sexy icon discusses how the bold younger man asked her out, what his parents think of her, and even shares their text exchanges!

When word spread that the ever youthful looking singer, who is 43 years old in Korean age, was revealed to be dating an idol group member, the internet went nuts! That lucky guy turned out to be SoReal's Ryu Phillip, who recently enlisted in the military, despite possessing an American citizenship that would dismiss him from the country's duties. Fans were even further surprised to find that Ryu Phillip is a whopping 17 years younger than Mina, which earned her many praises, but also some criticism as well.

During her interview, the question was posed whether she felt burdened by their significant age gap, to which Mina responded, "Having lived in China [A/N: referring to the cultural difference having lived overseas], I didn't think that a difference in age was a big deal. Phillip also spent a great amount of time in America, so he didn't mind the age gap either."

Mina shared that her 26 year old boyfriend confessed to her through text, a medium they often used to communicate with one another, along with video chatting. She then delightfully flustered the interviewer by taking out her phone to show the actual texts that he sent when confessing his feelings for her!

The singer showed off a very manly image as he wrote to her, "You know there's no other man like me, right?" Mina's reply read, "I know~~~~ That's why I'm so thankful."

The next set of texts truly showed his boldness as he wrote, "Let's go until the end. I'll lead you." Later, he texted a sweet, "I love you," which Mina revealed was the first time he said those special three words to her! The interviewer later teased Mina for all the overly-sweet words they exchanged throughout their texts such as "I love you", "Jagiya" (meaning baby or dear), and "Bbobbo" (meaning kiss or peck). How cute!

Mina also touched on Phillip's parents' reaction to news of their dating. She disclosed that they gave the couple their blessing, but she's not sure about the details yet. Hope they can all get together and bond soon!

You can watch the segment below! What do you think of the new couple?

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