Minho picks family and fans in ‘My Last 48 Hours’

Su Jin Jang, Jan. 12, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

Minho from SHINee has decided to spend part of his final 48 hours with one of his fans in a simulation that mimics the impending death for celebrities. In the latest episode of “My Last 48 Hours,” which aired on tvN, Minho disguised himself as a camera man to surprise his fan, with the help of Tak Jae-hoon, an emcee of the program.

To pull off a hidden camera gig, Tak asked the fan about her favorite celebrity. She said her favorite is SHINee’s Minho. When Tak revealed the camera man’s real identity, she was surprised.

Minho asked her what she would do if she had only 48 hours left to live. “I would go see SHINee. I am the happiest when I see SHINee,” she said. The question is based on the format of the program, in which celebrities are given only 48 hours to wrap up their life in a death-like simulation. 

For Minho, spending his time with his family and fans was the choice he made.

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