Minhwan From F.T. Island And Yulhee From LABOUM Announce Their Wedding Date And Pregnancy!

Isabella Koo, May 9, 2018, 3:39 p.m.

Minhwan from F.T. Island and Yulhee from LABOUM have finally announced their wedding date. Through his official fan cafe, Minhwan was able to make the announcement of the upcoming wedding schedule, as well as Yulhee's pregnancy news. Minhwan first and foremost apologized to his fans for suddenly startling them in regards to the relationship announcement and engagement news. He claimed that he was scared and worried that he was going to disappoint those who have constantly supported him throughout.

He also announced that he was becoming a dad soon and that he planned to hold a wedding on October 19th. 

He ended the announcement that he really appreciates his fans and that he will live happily!

Let's show them some support!

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