Miss A’s Suzy Bae Exudes Sexiness in Pictorial with 1st Look Magazine

Kyung Ho Kim, March 24, 2016, 9:04 a.m.

Singer-actress Suzy turned sexy in her photo shoot with lifestyle magazine 1st Look, featuring the jewelry brand Didier Dubot. The magazine released several photos from the pictorial along with behind-the-scenes video clips and photos on their official Instagram account and website Wednesday.

In a few pictures, Suzy showed off her sleek figure, posing from the back or the side with her eyes closed. As Suzy is the current model of Didier Dubot, she wore layers of accessories from the latest “Mon Paris” collection.

The girl group member also surprised the public with an unexpectedly revealing outfit, wearing only a lace bralette under a white jacket. More photos and information are available in the March issue as well as 1st Look’s official website.

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