'Mix Nine' dropping to the 0% mark

Jun Ko, Nov. 27, 2017, 3:38 p.m.

Despite the tremendous attention that 'Mix Nine' received before its official air, it has been steadily decreasing in views. The show was produced by Han Dong Chul, producer of 'Produce 101', and Yang Hyun Suk, head of YG Entertainment, and it received a lot of interest, given the success of 'Produce 101' and the popularity of 'YG Entertainment'. But upon the release of the episodes, the show has continuously seen a decrease in viewer count. The first episode reached the viewer rating of 1.919%, the second episode reached 1.527%, the third 1.706%, the fourth 1.301%, and it finally dropped to the 0% mark with the fifth episode having reached only 0.958%. The show received a bit of criticism, netizens stating how insensitive Yang Hyun Suk was and how he was lacking modesty. 

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