Mnet Announces IOI Will Be Having Their Own Reality Show

Paul Lee, April 16, 2016, 12:50 p.m.

Produce 101 and IOI fans should get very excited after they hear about the brand new announcement that Mnet has made! It has just been confirmed that IOI will be having their very own reality show, and with it they have announced the name of the show as well as the date of the first airing!


A representative from Mnet came forward on April 15th to state, "'Standby IOI,' which will portray the debut of the eleven members of IOI, is confirmed to air at 11 PM on April 22.  'Standby IOI' is a sequel reality program showing the debut process of the members who were chosen through 'Produce 101.'  It will be filled with every movement of the members who are preparing to release their debut mini-album on May 4 and actively promote.  We will show their image on set of practice, photo shoots, and of course their recordings."

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