Mnet announces Kang Daniel's penalty for his foul play

Sarah Lee, May 8, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

'Produce 101' season2's contestant Kang Daniel recently broke the rules by thinting his fans which song he wanted which broke the system of views voting for which song they think fits trainees the best. A fan post in DC gallery, saying "Daniel Kang, look at this. Increase the number of cats for the song number you want." 

Daniel had a cat emoji on his instagram page, and he changed number of cats to 4 after this post. After this became an issue he changed his instagram profile message and said "I will think more befor my actions, I am sorry."

Mnet just announced that he won't be able to get picked for the song number 4 which was a Deep House song "Never"

What do you think about his actions?

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