Mnet Releases Behind The Scene Look Into EXO’s Suho and Tao MV for ‘EXO 90:2014’

kpride, Sept. 9, 2014, 8:57 a.m.

Mnet has released a video clip showing a behind the scenes look into the making of EXO members Suho and Tao for their music videos as part of promotions for their reality show EXO 90:2014.

Suho and Tao both put their acting skills on display with their tearful scenes for their remake of g.o.d's "To My Mother" and Jo Sung Mo's "Do You Know", respectively. Suho also showed his hard work ethic by meticulously monitoring his scenes and taking care of the staff. On the other hand, Tao was more about hip hop behind the scenes and was spotted watching 'Show Me The Money 3'.

Tao shared, "I had fun and was happy throughout the whole day today. It was a challenge for me to try many things that I haven't tried before. I think I did well, but I'm still lacking a lot, so I think I should work harder. Please look forward to the music video as well. Thank you."

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