Model Han Hye Jin reveals she accidentally received Actress Han Hye Jin's pay

Jessica Lee, Oct. 10, 2017, 4 p.m.

Model Han Hye Jin appeared as a guest on the JTBC variety show "Call My Name," which is MCed by Kim Kook Jin and Noh Hung Chul. The show's concept is that it gathers a group of people who share the exact same name and discuss their different lives. The model shared her story of mistaken identity. 

The first broadcast on October 10 featured 8 people who shared the same name as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Han Hye Jin mentioned, "I want to put the word 'model' in front of my name because there are a lot of famous people name Han Hye Jin. Actress Han Hye Jin is one of them. One time, a company accidentally paid me instead of the actress."

She elaborated on her tale, "One day, a magazine called and asked me to refund the money as the money was supposed to go to the actress instead. At the time, I had thought it was weird that they had paid me so much money. It was also a bit startling that they gave it to me and wanted it back and I had no choice but to give them back the funds."

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