Momoland Daisy Accused MLD Entertainment of Stopping her Promotions & Demanded Over $940k to Terminate Contract

Jay Yim, Jan. 7, 2020, 10:38 a.m.

Daisy of Momoland has recently alleged that MLD Entertainment has been stopping her from promoting and demanded she pay over $940k to terminate her contract.

Daisy and her mother appeared on the January 7th episode of KBS' News9, where she claimed that the although she expressed her desire to promote sooner, the company had prevented her from working more than 8 months. The label had previously stated that Daisy would be taking a hiatus from the group due to "health and personal reasons", which her mother later spoke about the issue.

During the interview, Daisy said, "Even though I kept telling them I was able to promote now, they kept telling me, 'No. We think it's better if you rest.'" She continued by claiming that when she requested her contract be terminated, the company said that she would be required to pay a 1.1 billion Won ($942,866.65 USD) penalty fee for breaching her contract.

As previously reported, Daisy made a claim that the Mnet survival show Finding Momoland was rigged from the start. She explained how she was told that she would debut in Momoland after the end of their debut album promotions. regardless of her elimination. Furthermore, she said how the members were told to "share in paying for the production costs."

MLD Entertainment later responded saying that it was true they came to her, but it was ultimately possible because "Daisy agreed". In regards to the sharing of costs, a rep from MLD said that the information was stated in the contract they signed, and the parents also agreed to the terms, so there is no issue regarding that.

The label revealed that they will be taking legal action against Daisy, and accused her mother of making multiple threats.

Watch Daisy's interview with KBS down below.

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