MONSTA X Initiated into 'Weekly Idol' with Random Dance Play, SISTAR Choreo, & Discuss Not Being Allowed Out of Dorms

June Kang, Sept. 17, 2015, 12:40 p.m.

On this past week's airing of 'Weekly Idol', the charming boys of MONSTA X stopped by for a grand time! On the September 16th episode, the boys were featured on the program for their first appearance on the popular idol show, where they flaunted their variety skills, proving that they're truly monster rookies.

During their time with MCs Defconn and Jung Hyung Don, the boys were asked about what they did during their off time, semi-forced to imitate their label senior SISTAR's dance choreo, and were initiated into the 'Weekly Idol' family with the ritual "Random Dance Play"!

When the MCs questioned the boys about what they did during their time off before album promotions, some of the members expressed that while Shownu was able to go swimming and Jooheon made an appearance on the popular program 'Radio Star', the rest of the guys were stuck at home because of their ban on leaving the dorms! Member Minhyuk shared, "We're not allowed to leave the dorms yet, so we just had to stay home."

The funny MCs then asked what they would do if they were allowed to leave the dorms, to which a longing Minhyuk stated, "I want to go to Garosu-gil Road and drink coffee!" The other MONSTA X members humorously shared that they just wanted to do the simple things, like going back home to their families or enjoying the sunlight. Upon hearing this, the bold MCs jokingly scolded their manager saying, "Aren't you confining them too much? Let them go out!" which earned them the cheers of the excited boy group.

You can also catch members Shownu, I.M, and Minhyuk trying to imitate some of SISTAR's choreography! Although Shownu is known for his masculine image, the boy group member surprised everyone with his knowledge of the dance moves, while I.M and Minhyuk hilariously exaggerated the choreo and were humorously chided for ruining the dance routines!

Later, the boys participated in the much-loved segment 'Random Dance Play', where the group had to rearrange themselves and continue the correct choreography to a song as it would switch between different parts. The boys were unphased and on point as they were able to stay in line and do the dance routine with ease, impressing both MCs!

The boys of MONSTA X are, no doubt, talented, manly, and adorable all at the same time! No wonder they're called "monsters" - they're wrecking all of us fangirls!

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