MONSTA X’s I.M treats fans and staff with kindness and respect!

Yumi Kim , March 5, 2018, 9:59 a.m.

MONSTA X’s I.M was caught being very polite to a security guard while walking under the rain. The boys are currently overseas and have been going out and promoting. MONSTA X was captured walking outside in the rain while their security guards held their umbrellas. It was noted and caught on video that one particular member noticed that the person holding his umbrella was getting wet and so he took the umbrella from her and pulled her inside. I.M did not want his security guard to get soaked by the rain. I.M was also caught protecting his fans. During a MONSTA X photo session with fans, some of the fans were asked to kneel so the members could be seen. However, I.M did not agree with the command from the staff and asked the fans to stand up. As a result, the fans were given chairs to sit instead. The videos of both actions were shared on social media networks and quickly circulated. Many fans were truly touched by I.M’s polite mannerism. The kind and respectful actions truly display I.M’s polite manners and character.

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