MONSTA X’s Jooheon To Join ‘Show Me The Money 4’

D-Bo, April 29, 2015, 11:31 a.m.

Jooheon of the hip hop group MONSTA X is reported to be in the line up as a contestant on the hit show  Show Me the Money.  Starship Entertainment released the mixtape on YouTube and Twitter and wrote the caption, 'idol rapper vs. underground rapper?' The intense track starts off with Black Nut looking down on idol rappers with his lyrics, before switching to Jooheon firing back at Black Nut, asserting that idol rappers are not to be simply looked down on. 


Fans wondered why such a mixtape was released and whether it could be hinting at a future project, and it turns out this may just serve as an intro to Jooheon's entrance into the anticipated rap survival show 'Show Me the Money 4'!

According to reports floating around, Jooheon has been confirmed as one of the contestants on the show, following Taewoon and WINNER's Mino!  This means that several idols will be on this season of the rap show as the judging team is also made up of Zico/Block B team and AOMG team with Jay Park. The other teams include the YG team with Jinusean and Tablo, and Brand New Music team with San Eand Verbal Jint.

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