‘Monster’ Releases Stills of Kang Ji Hwan & Sung Yuri’s Transformations!

AJ Lee, March 2, 2016, 9:39 a.m.

It’s been reported that actor Kang Ji Hwan, who takes the lead role in the upcoming drama ‘Monster’, will be attempting to make a breakthrough performance through said production. In stills released by MBC, Kang Ji Hwan’s shocking transformation is revealed as he can be seen dressed as a beggar as well as a handsome man in a slick suit.

‘Monster’ marks Kang Ji Hwan’s first drama since 2014. Kang Ji Hwan’s character Kang Ki Tan loses his parents when he’s a child, then loses everything he has to his uncle Byun Il Jae (played by Jung Bo Suk). Kang Ki Tan later makes a drastic transformation to avenge his family.

It’s said that filming for Kang Ji Hwan’s contrasting characters took two days. Kang Ji Hwan had first filmed the clean cut version of himself before portraying a homeless person. The actor had further shown his dedication by bringing a harmonica on set, ready to play for his role.

A staff member shared, “Kang Ji Hwan is a hardworking actor who tries to make every scene perfect. He always comes to the set prepared and jumps into character as quickly as possible to create wonderful scenes. Please watch ‘Monster’ with high expectations as it will really showcase the true value of Kang Ji Hwan as an actor.”

Actress Sung Yuri will be portraying the role of Oh Soo Yeon, whose focus is solely on money ever since the passing of her father. In order to care for her younger brother who has Autism, she works hard at a law firm during the day and studies diligently at night. In the drama, Oh Soo Yeon catches the attention of both Kang Ki Tan and Do Gun Woo, who will be played by Park Ki Woong.

In the released stills, Sung Yuri can be seen dressed in a casual, student-like outfit, as she wears glasses that seem to express her studiousness.

‘Monster’ is slated for a March 28th premiere!
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