More details on the physical altercation between Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend 'A' revealed

Jun Ko, Sept. 14, 2018, 12:04 p.m.

More details of the assault incident with Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend 'A' were revealed. 'A' (a hair designer in Gangnam) arrived at Hara's villa in Nonhyeon-dong on September 13th KST at around 1AM. Having the passcode of her front door, 'A' entered Hara's home without her knowledge and proceeded to her bedroom, where Hara was found to be sleeping, before kicking her awake. Additionally, it was reported that he had thrown and broken some of Hara's possessions (like her house appliances and more). When Hara was kicked awake, the two ended up arguing before it escalated into a physical argument, where it ended up with 'A' having marks on his face and Hara having bruises on her body. 

'A' was revealed to have contacted the police first after leaving Hara's home: "My girlfriend one-sidedly assaulted me." He stuck to his story of being one-sidedly assaulted when he was at the police station at 3:30PM KST later that day. 

Hara also met with the police to give her side of the story: "'A' came into my house without permission and destroyed some of my property. I also have the bruises from where he hit me." 

With both sides of the story given, the police plan on doing a thorough investigation of the now two-sided assault.

Additionally, a friend of the now-separated couple confirmed that 'A' had started the physical altercation by kicking her first: "'A' kicked Hara first. It's true that he destroyed her house appliances and caused a disturbance."

Due to the physical altercation, Hara was unable to be contacted by her label Contents Y for two days. However, the label did receive confirmation that she was in the hospital through her family: "We have received confirmation from her family that Hara is currently hospitalized for her injuries. We were unable to talk with her in person and since this issue is a personal manner, we are unable to give out any further details. Due to the chaotic event, she had not contacted neither us nor her close acquaintances. She will be dutifully undergoing investigation alongside a legal representative after she is released from the hospital." 

Additionally, it was revealed that Hara has moved her residence quickly after the event occurred. The detail was confirmed by a security guard at her former villa: "I don't know if the police took the two involved, but it's true that police officers came by. She also moved out right away on the 13th at 7:30PM KST." 

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