More Policemen Accused of Sexual Misconduct Charges

David Song, July 6, 2016, 9:23 a.m.

More cases of police officers engaging in sexual misconduct have surfaced days after the public condemnation of the school police officers who had sex with teenagers they were providing counseling to. A police officer, who was on a probationary period, was sacked on Friday after he was indicted for raping a teenager, according to Gwangju Bukbu Police, Tuesday. 

Another police officer was dismissed for paying for sex, according to Seoul Geumcheon Police, Wednesday. Prostitution is illegal in Korea. Gwangju Bukbu Police said the officer who was on a probationary period is being accused of raping a middle school student in mid-May after acquainting the student through a smartphone dating application. 

The victim immediately filed a report with the police, prompting an investigation. As soon as the case was forwarded to prosecutors, the Bukbu Police sacked the accused officer on the grounds that he tainted the honor of public officials. 

Seoul Geumcheon Police said a 37-year-old officer surnamed Kim paid to have sex with a woman he met via a mobile dating application in April. 

The police found Kim’s mobile number in an arrested prostitute’s phone and called for an investigation. Kim disappeared without appearing for police interrogation, only to turn up a month later on May 18 to admit his wrongdoings. He said he had run away for fear of punishment.

Prosecutors decided to suspend the indictment on Kim, taking into account that he has no previous record of malpractice, however, the police decided to fire Kim for setting an unsavory example in his position as a watchdog for prostitution. 

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