More Than 600 Korean BTS Fans Donate Blood to Charity for Jimin's 24th Birthday

Jay Yim, Oct. 14, 2019, 10:35 a.m.

BTS fans from Korea celebrated Jimin's birthday with a very special gesture.

On October 14 KST, which is his birthday, it was reported that the BTS army held a "blood donation relay", and donated to Central Seoul Blood Bank and Busan Blood Bank from September 12, as well as the Southwest Seoul Blood Bank from October 7.

More than 710 fans visited donation centers at the time of the report, and roughly 616 of them met the qualifications to donate. In addition, fans donated 2,000 commemorative gifts to be later given to donors on behalf of Jimin's birthday.

Meanwhile, a representative for the donation centers announced they are planning to distribute the letters of thanks to Jimin and fans for making such an impactful donation.

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