More Updates About Accident That Caused the Death of Ladies Code’s EunB Revealed

kpopluv, Sept. 4, 2014, 9:36 a.m.

More updates have come about regarding the accident. It turns out the car that the members had been riding that night was not their usual car. It was actually a rental they had received to take place of their agency car that was having issues.

The agency told media outlets, "There was a problem with the existing agency car so we had changed to a rental car, and this kind of accident occurred during the first drive of the car so we are even more confused and shocked about the situation."

Polaris also revealed that the driver of the car is definitely not new at this and that he had been a manager who has been with the agency for many years. A rep also added, "There have not been any specific accidents while he has been working as a road manager."

Because part of the cause of the accident was due to the back wheel coming off, a lot of questions are being raised as to how this occurred and whether there was a problem with the rental car. The police have also completed their initial questioning of the road manager who was driving, but they revealed they cannot make any conclusions yet.

Regarding the status of the members, Ashley and Zuny are still being looked after in the hospital for severe shock and minor injuries.  RiSe remains still unconscious and the doctors are waiting to see her state improves so they can continue with the operation. As mentioned before, she suffered injuries to the head and had to undergo multiple surgeries before having to stop due to her low blood pressure and the swelling of her brain.

Sojung is still said to be receiving treatment while awaiting surgery on her injuries. An exact time for her surgery has not yet been set as the hospital is watching over her condition to figure out the best time for her to proceed. However, it's said that it might take place tomorrow.

According to Sojung's side, she has not yet learned the news of EunB's death. One rep revealed, "I heard she said a few words after regaining consciousness after being hospitalized. She does not yet know of EunB's death. As her condition is still very serious and she needs stability before her surgery, she has not been told the news as advised by the doctor."

EunB's wake is currently set up at Korea University's Anam hospital and her funeral procession will take place on the 5th.

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