Most Popular K-Pop Stars Who Rock Tattoos

Nicholas Kim, July 14, 2016, 8:41 a.m.

In spite of the tattoo taboo in Korea, some celebrities are openly revealing their body art and reducing the stigma associated with it in the process. Below is a short list of celebrities that have undergone the stinging pain of a tattoo gun in order to get inked. Korea still largely caters to a conservative society and tattoos still carry a stigma, but these stars have purposefully exposed their body art and are trying to change the taboo into a form of artistic expression. 

Jay Park

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Taeyang (Big Bang)

Chan-yeol (EXO)

Zico (Block B)

Taeil (Block B)

Cap (Teen Top)

Yongguk (BAP)

Hyolyn (Sistar)

Lee Hongki (FT Island)

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