MR.MR Member Ryu Leaves Group and Makes Complaints on Twitter

Sensitive Artist, March 4, 2015, 9:53 a.m.

Winning Insight M has stated that MR.MR's youngest member Ryu has left the group. Even though the agency didn't reveal any details about the idol's leave, it did release an official announcement on MR.MR's fan cafe site in order to inform the fans of the idol about the situation as best as possible.

"Hello, this is Winning Insight M.
Unfortunately, we have sad news for our Misos who have always appreciated and loved MR.MR. We're truly sorry to announce this.

About 2 years and 4 months have now passed since MR.MR's debut, and during the time they've received a lot of love from everyone, a few sad things have happened.

Our youngest Ryu, who's received a lot of love until now, has ended his contract with the company due to inevitable reasons, and we have to sadly announce that he will be leaving the group. The reasons for ending the contract include differences in music and understanding others. We hope for your understanding.

The agency then stated that the remaining members and staff will make an effort and apologized to their fans, and asked them to continue supporting MR.MR.

After the announcement, Ryu went to his Twitter in order to make some complaints. The idol stated that he was shocked by the news of his leave and apologized to his fans. He then stated that the agency was making an attempt to sue him, hinted at possibly having been abused by the staff. He then stated that there were issues with his overseas contract in Japan.

Winning Insight M has not responded yet, and currently it seems that MR.MR will be continuing forward as a four member group. Ryu is now the third member to have left MR.MR. You heard it here at!

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