'Mrs. Cop 2' final episode gets record-high rating

Hannah Kim, May 9, 2016, 10:08 a.m.

The protagonist of SBS’ crime TV series “Mrs. Cop 2” brought the villain to justice in its finale, leading to a record-high 11.1 percent national viewer ratings Sunday, May 8. A loan shark, acted by Kim Beom, was the mastermind of a murder case that cop Go Yoon-jung (Kim Sung-ryung) thought was closed. The cop tries to pursue the real killer, but he dodges her and escapes prison.

After he is caught by Go, and his close aide commits suicide, the villain is given death penalty, while the romance of the main couples -- Oh Seung-il (Lim Seul-ong) and Shin Yeo-ok (Son Dam-bi); Park Woo-jin (Jang Hyun-sung) and Go -- resumes. Go is also awarded by the prime minister for her feat.

“Mrs. Cop 2” was the first Korean TV series to have multiple seasons, after “Mrs. Cop” starring actress Kim Hee-ae was a success.

“Beast’s Beauty,” costarring actors Namkoong Min, On Joo-wan and Minah of Girl’s Day, will replace the crime series starting May 14. 

Among the prime-time TV series on weekends, MBC’s periodic drama series “Flower in Prison” had the highest viewer ratings of 19.5 percent.

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