Multi-Billion Dollar project in Seoul!

Michelle Kim, June 30, 2017, 11:53 a.m.

There are plans for Seoul’s largest underground construction project. The city of Seoul will invest 1.3 trillion won into creating the enormous ‘underground city’. It is speculated to be 30 times bigger than Jamsil Baseball Stadium. It will be constructed underneath Gangnam by 2023. Sources say that project will be packed with cultural facilities, museums, libraries, while serving as a major transport hub.

Since it will be located between Samsung station and Bongeunsa Station the giant underground complex will connect Line 2 and 9 of the subway. When the project is complete it will hold 630,000 transit passengers a day which is nearly double the number at Seoul Station.

The length of time between transfers will decrease drastically as it will be easier for passengers to make their way to the stops within seconds. In addition, another of its perks is the plaza that will stretch above.

The project is set to kick off in 2019. 

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