Music Shows Announce Plans for Audience Members in Midst of Coronavirus Warnings, Two Fan Meetings Delayed

Jay Yim, Jan. 28, 2020, 10 a.m.

Recently, the networks behind weekly music shows have announced how they will be handling the live audience members in the midst of the warnings about the spread of the Coronavirus.

Due to the four confirmed cases of the virus in South Korea, music shows such as M! Countdown, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Inkigayo have revealed their plan of action to handle the studio guests. KBS announced that they will be putting up public health signs and have hand sanitizer, masks, and fever instruments available. Furthermore, if any member of the audience show symptoms of the flu, they will be asked to leave and return home.

Along with Music Bank, these changes will be affecting other KBS shows including Open Concert, Immortal Songs, National Singing Contest, Gag Concert, Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, and Gayo Stage.

For M! Countdown, Mnet said they would be preparing fever detecting cameras, hand sanitizer, and masks for each audience member. For Show! Music Core, MBC said that they would prepare hand sanitizer and masks, while SBS is still in discussion with how to handle the virus issue.

In related Coronavirus news, two K-pop idols' fan meetings have been delayed due to health risks of the virus.

Former X1 member Kim Woo Seok's label TOP Media announced that they would need to delay his upcoming fan meeting for safety precautions against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The label stated the following:

"We're informing you the ticketing date for Kim Woo Seok's fan meeting, which was scheduled for January 30, will be delayed. Because of the Coronavirus, we're reviewing our preparations for the event. We'll release another statement about the new ticketing date and details about the fan meeting."

Former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon has also delayed his fan meeting For You & I. The meeting was set to take place in February, but the idol recently announced that it would be delayed to ensure the safety of the fans.

"The response for this urgent response is that we've found the majority of the fans attending Kang Sung Hoon's fan meeting are from overseas. In order to lessen inconvenience for the fans in terms of concert tickets, planet tickets, and hotel reservations, we revealed the notice during the Lunar New Year holiday on Instagram live along with this announcement."

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