Musical Actor Kai Faces Sexual Harassment Charges & Takes Legal Action Against Plaintiff

AJ Lee, Nov. 12, 2015, 9:39 a.m.

Popera singer and musical actor Kai is facing some serious accusations as he denies reports that he sent a lewd photo of his genitals to a female fan. According to an account by said fan, Kai forwarded a photo of his genitalia to her via SNS, which prompted the female to file a police report.

The fan claims that Kai and she had been exchanging messages with each other through his secret SNS account since September, a relationship that was initiated by Kai when he began sending her sexual jokes and eventually the picture in question.

Kai's agency EA&C stated that they will be taking legal action on the grounds of defamation of character, commenting, "Kai's official SNS is monitored by both EA&C and the artist, and there is no truth behind the rumors that he was communicating [with the fan] through a secret account nor the headlines about sexual harassment."

Kai's management further asserted that they would be taking legal action against the female fan.

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