Musician/Actress Trio Taurine Release "Wish List" Debut Music Video

Sensitive Artist, July 24, 2014, 10:29 a.m.

Musician/actress trio Taurine (consisting of members Song Sang Eun, Lee Da Yeon, and Jung Ga Hee), released their swing-jazz genre track, "Wish List", which was composed by actor and musician Yoo Joon Sang, the person who is credited with bringing the group together in the first place!

The girls all emphasize their vocal work for the music video that comes with the track release due to the girls never really being seen. As both musicians and actresses, they easily pass expectations with their performance as they read to their listeners their "wish list" of foods and snacks they want to indulge in, only to take it all back and say that none of the goodies would be worth more than spending time with that special significant other.

Be sure to listen to "Wish List" above here at!

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