[MUST SEE] Hilarious Live Stand-Up Comedy Show by the KINGS OF KTOWN!

Paul Kim, Jan. 4, 2017, 2:20 p.m.

The KINGS OF KTOWN live taping is finally on Amazon!

The show took place on Thursday, July 2nd 2015 at the World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

The all star cast included:

Danny Cho who is notably in the movie KTOWN COWBOYS and the viral YouTube video "Ktown Hotties".

Walter Hong who has been on tour with Slanted Comedy and does regular shows at the Laugh Factory.

and last, but not least, Paul "PK" Kim who is the founder of Kollaboration and a co-founder of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea).

The July 2nd show featured the KINGS OF KTOWN comedians delivering their views on issues such as culture, race, and family!

The show was hosted by beloved Koreatown rapper Dumbfoundead.

You can view their show HERE!

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