Mydaily uses Woohyun's photo for their story on an idol committing sexual assault + issues apology

Richard Kim , July 7, 2017, 11:29 a.m.

Media outlet mydaily recently released an article about a boy group member who was accused of sexual assault. They showed a photo of a boy group member in a statement from the idol star's agency. While the face of the idol was not shown in the article, netizens were able to quickly find out it was a photo of Infinite's Woohyun during the '2016 Dream Concert'. Because his image was used, many assumed he was the idol who committed sexual assault. 

Because of all the speculations, mydaily issued an apology explaining that their photo had nothing to do with the story. In their apology, they stated, "We apologize for our carelessness in choosing the thumbnail. We have immediately deleted it. Once again, we apologize for our negligence."  Woohyun's image is now removed from the original article. 

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