Mystic Story Confirm the Late Sulli Only Filmed One Short-Film for 'Persona 2' on Netflix

Jay Yim, Oct. 23, 2019, 11:44 a.m.

Production company Mystic Story of the Netflix short-film series 'Persona 2' responded to reports on October 23 that this production was Sulli's last one before she tragically died.

"It's true that Sulli completed filming one short-film for 'Persona 2'. We have yet to come to a decision regarding if this short-film will be released, or if 'Persona 2' will continue production. We will notify you as soon as we reach an internal decision," said Mystic Story.

The 'Persona' series showcases a unique format where five different film directors create five unique short films, which are inspired by and revolve around one actor or actress. The first series premiered back in 2018, which starred singer and actress IU.

For 'Persona 2', the late singer and actress Sulli was cast to be the star of the series. However, she only completed one out of five short-films before she died on October 14.

Mystic Story gave an update and revealed that Sulli was in the midst of filming two 'Persona 2' short-films before she died. The company hasn't made a decision on what to do regarding the production's production.

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