Nada, Jinju, and Dain have not terminated their contracts with Mafia Records!

Michelle Kim, June 29, 2017, 10:45 a.m.

Mafia Records made an official statement regarding Nada, Dain, and Jinju’s contract termination. They stated that the lawsuits were cancelled due to lack of payment. On June 29, the three Wassup members were allowed to move forward with their lawsuits but their agency confirmed that their contracts have yet to be terminated.

In addition, Mafia Records reported that Nada, Dain, and Jinju had successfully won their suits.  "It's not true that Nada's side has won. The court ruled that Nada, Jinju, and Dain can successfully terminate their contracts by paying 50 million Won ($43,749.50 USD) each."

However, reports indicate that the court found the girls claims about the agency’s lack of payment a reasonable claim and are entitled to a record of accounts. 

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