Nam Bo Ra Discusses Her Ideal Type of Man in “International bnt”

David Song, Oct. 20, 2015, 1:10 p.m.

Actress Nam Bo Ra was cast in her first play “Taxi Driver”, as she met up with “International bnt” for a fashion shoot that had four different concepts, showing a wide range of her charms. Overall she looked like a chic girl next door, and Nam Bo Ra discussed how she began her acting career after she appeared on “Chorus of Angels” as one of twelve brothers and sisters.


There were times that she wanted to give up on everything since it was so stressful. It took a toll on her recently since the results of her dramas were weak and her next production was not being decided on. In that time, an offer was given from Kim Soo Ro, and she ended up being a part of the play “Taxi Driver” which became a precious moment for her as it put ease to her mind.


“Shark” was the most memorable drama for her, as it relayed her affections for her character as well as her thanks to the co-actor Kim Nam Gil. She finally revealed that she fell for Yoo Ah In, as she picks up him and Gong Yoo as her ideal types of what she thought was a sexy man.

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