Nam Tae Hyun Gets Edited Out of SNS Banner by YG Entertainment

Paul Lee, Nov. 28, 2016, 8:21 a.m.

Nam Tae Hyun recently posted a heartfelt letter to his fans, and it looks like after having left both WINNER and YG Entertainment, the agency is already taking measures to remove Nam Tae Hyun from all of their promotional content. The idol abruptly announced that he would be leaving his group and agency due to mental health issues.


Fans are upset by WINNER’s official Facebook page banner as well, with the cover photo showing the same group photo, but with Nam Tae Hyun simply edited out of the photo. Fans are stating that this is a crude and heartless display of how an agency should treat their artist, and are stating that it would have been in better taste to have taken a new photo at least. What do you think about the issues?

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