Nam Tae Hyun turns into 'Nam-jumma' with his new hairstyle

Jun Ko, June 12, 2018, 9:29 a.m.

On June 12th, Nam Tae Hyun uploaded a picture of himself with his new hairstyle on Instagram. Nam Tae Hyun was previously seen with short black hair in South Club's latest MV 'Outcast', but now he's sporting the color pink for his hair. He showed off his humorous side by captioning the picture with 'Nam-jumma', a combination of his name and the term 'ahjumma' (middle-aged woman). Fans were surprised by the new hairstyle, but also responded with humour by calling him 'unnie' (older sister; only used by females to females). 

Did you see Nam Tae Hyun's hairstyle yet? 


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