Namyangju Hosting Second Slow Food International Food Festival in October

bearly-moving, Aug. 21, 2015, 11:47 a.m.

In October, an international slow food festival will kick off, promoting its slow food movement as well as an all-around healthy lifestyle of consuming organic foods.

Starting October 8th, Namyangju will host Namyangju Slow Food International Food Festival for 10 days, with a theme of “Good Food, Good Life.”

According to an organizing committee official, the festival is to promote three values—health, environment, and empathy—to encourage happiness. There will be numerous delegates and tourists from over 40 different countries and programs including concerts, food tasting sessions, and other hands-on activities will be available.

Visitors will be able to try traditional foods as well as drinks from the multitude of cultures that are going to be participating. Food shows with popular chefs throughout South Korea will be present during the festival.

After launching as Asio Gusto festival in early 2013 and achieving success, it was renamed and the city decided to make it a recurring event every two years.

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