Nana thinks Park Bom and she will get along well because they're both out of this world.

michinGZB, May 13, 2014, 10:16 a.m.

After School's Nana thinks she and 'Roommate' cast mate Park Bom aren't "normal".

On the May 11 episode of 'Roommate', Nana and Park Bom were awkward at first, but the two gradually became closer as the episode continued. They'd sing and dance together and even have the same unique talking and acting patterns.

Nana said, "I get along well with Bom unni. I think she's not really normal like me. I honestly think I'm not that normal."

The episode showed a short clipof when the two met at the 'Inkigayo' waiting room and showed off their closeness, surprising the 2NE1 members how close they were.

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