Nearly 1,000 Homeless Subsist in Seoul

David Lee, April 19, 2016, 7:52 a.m.

Over 850 homeless people subsist around the subway stations of the capital and some 70 percent of them have been homeless for more than three years. he Seoul Metropolitan Government quoted research from the Korea Center for City and Environment Research that there were 855 homeless people in Seoul as of 2014. Some 554 people or 65 percent are living in the downtown districts of Jung, Yeongdeungpo, Jongno and Yongsan.

The city government said the reason why they prefer these districts is that there are underground spaces to sleep in and soup kitchens nearby. About five percent of the homeless are women. The most common place to sleep was underground spaces, followed by parks, in buildings, and in the street.

The city government is trying to persuade homeless people to sleep in shelters, but last year only 3,605 people signed up for the shelter. The city government gives homeless who live in shelters housing assistance and runs self-support programs and vocational training.


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