Netizen who damaged G-Dragon's $265,000 chandelier gets criticized

Cari Pak, Oct. 23, 2017, 3:51 p.m.

A recently shared post under the title 'A person who damaged a 300 million KRW ($265,000 USD) chandelier inside GD's Cafe' has been gaining heat on a Jeju online community board where a netizen spoke up about his/her experience while dining at the famous Jeju Island cafe.

The writer known as 'A' wrote about damaging the expensive chandelier, "GD's cafe said they'll take care of purchasing the broken part, and told me to pay for the repairs. This is the reason why I like Taeyang way better!"

After reading the post, others commented, "How did that happen?" to which 'A' replied, "Someone left the premises after breaking something inside a few days ago too. I happened to fess up. That hit-and-run though. Welcome to South Korea, everyone."

Netizens were quick to defend G-Dragon saying, "I get that G-Dragon is a rich and famous celebrity and all but is being told to pay for the damage fees really something to get worked up about?"

There were those who sided with 'A' saying, "The chandelier shouldn't be hung so low like that in the first place."

'A' then explained, "It was hard for me to get a seat by the window. There happened to be a small sand desert area inside the cafe and I only just wanted to take a shot of the nice view when the accident happened while I was trying to get across that area. I immediately took the broken part to one of the staff and I wasn't very pleased when I was yelled at. I know it's all about visuals, but I didn't expect the passageway to be made that narrow. I just don't understand."

Other refuted, "They blocked that area off for a reason, why did you even go through there?"

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