Netizen Who Lied About Being Jang Gi Ha’s Ex-Girlfriend Gets Fined

Nicholas Kim, March 2, 2016, 9:02 a.m.

There was a netizen who had spread a ton of rumors and claimed that she was Jang Gi Ha’s ex-girlfriend, but it seems that those statements are all lies! The netizen claimed to be the singer’s ex-girlfriend on the Internet, and stated that Jang Gi Ha was stalking and invading her privacy since December.


The netizen’s shared her false story by saying, "I've met Jang Gi Ha at a concert in August 2011 and stopped talking to him in April. He then hacked into my computer and also made an exact replica of my phone to observe my private life and threatened me."


Jang Gi Ha’s agency immediately stepped forward to dispel the rumors by saying, "Not one thing is true from beginning to end." The agency stated that Jang Gi ha departing from the radio show was not related to the situation in any way, shape or form.


Due to the rumors continually being revived, Jang Gi Ha’s agency made sure to take legal action against the netizens who had begun the crazy rumors. The “ex-girlfriend” was fined $2446.70 USD (3 Million KRW) for spreading lies.


Jang Gi Ha (born February 20, 1982) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor and radio host. He is a member of the indie rock band Kiha & The Faces. He made his acting debut in the 2013 Korean television drama Potato Star 2013QR3. He is radio show host of the Kiha Chang's Great Radio broadcast by SBS Power FM since 2012.

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