Netizens can't get over how young 40-year-old Eun Ji Won looks

Jessica Lee, Oct. 4, 2017, 3:15 p.m.

On an online community forum, a post was titled, "Currently Being Retweeted Explosively on Twitter," and in the post was a series of photos of Eun Ji Won at the latest Sechskies fan sign. Netizens are raving about how young this first generation idol looks. 

He's quit smoking and now eats 1 meal a day (which is normal for idols during promotions) and fans are in love with his sharp jawline and jet black hair. 

"He doesn't look 40." "He has a different aura while in Sechskies than when he's on variety shows." "I thought he was Eunchoding (his nickname meaning elementary school student because of his child-like mischief on variety shows), but he's really sexy."

At the moment, Sechskies is promoting their 5th album on music programs and meeting their fans (some who haven't stopped supporting the group since their disbandment back in 2000) at fan meetings. 

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