Netizens criticize the Chinese after seeing how ‘The Rap of China’ blatantly copied ‘Show Me The Money’

Michelle Jung, July 26, 2017, 3:22 p.m.

Chinese rapper competition program ‘The Rap of China’ blatantly copied South Korea’s ‘Show Me The Money’.

The logo, rules, and concept of ‘The Rap of China’ is exactly the same as the Korean competition series; however, it’s been revealed that ‘The Rap of China’ did not officially purchase the copyrights.

Production company CJ E&M spoke up regarding the plagiarism on July 26, and stated to TV Report, “iQIYI’s ‘The Rap of China’ did not officially purchase the rights to the content. It’s unfortunate how they’re broadcasting a similar program without going through the proper procedures.”

‘The Rap of China’ has been broadcasting on a major Chinese online platforms since June 24, Former EXO member Kris is on the show as one of the judges.

Recently, a new Chinese show by Hunan TV was also under fire for blatantly copying tvN’s ‘Yoon’s Kitchen’. Netizens are expressing anger at China’s continuous plagiarism. 

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