Netizens excited that all "SkooLooks" models are of mixed ethnicities

Jessica Lee, Dec. 14, 2017, 12:05 p.m.

Netizens were already excited that Jeon So Mi and Han Hyun Min were announced as the new models for "Skoolooks," but they've added another half-Korean to their model lineup, The Boyz' Joo Hak Nyeon. This is the first time that a company's entire lineup is made of half-Koreans. 

Joo Hak Nyeon is half Chinese, Jeon So Mi is half Dutch, and Han Hyun Min is half Nigerian. Many were happy that the models looked like they were the perfect models for this brand. 

Joo Hak Nyeon is the model for middle school boys' uniform. Han Hyun Min models the high school boys' uniform. Jeon So Mi models the girls' uniform for both middle and high schools. 

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