Netizens Have No Interest in 4minute Member Jihyun’s Dating Rumors

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 7, 2015, 3:17 p.m.

Dating rumors and the K-pop industry are almost co-existent with each other, and usually, many K-pop fans take dating rumors very seriously depending on which stars are involved. It seems like sometimes, there are times when depending on the person involved, it can completely swing the other way on the interest scale as well.


Photos of 4minute’s Jihyun enjoying her date with her DJ boyfriend were posted online showing the two hanging out in the same buildings, exploring an Ikea store together, enjoying dessert and hanging out with friends together. When the news was released however, against other current topics like Jay Park’s diss against JYP, and IU’s “Zeze” controversy, it seems to have the lowest amount of engagement. Not only is it bad enough that there was little to no activity on the subject, a few netizens decided to throw in some hurtful comments as well.


Some of the top comments stated, "No interest," "That's so cheap. How can she date a loser like that," "Who's interested in Nam Jihyun," "Doesn't she ever practice?? She's famous as a talentless idol..she should be practicing instead of dating," and, "It's the first time it's so quiet on a dating article."

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