Netizens Investigating Which Girl Group Member Was Affected by Choi Soon Sil Scandal

Troy Yang, Nov. 3, 2016, 10:44 a.m.

The recent scandal involving the Korean president Park Geun Hye affected the entire country, and it looks like the entertainment industry was victim to it as well! Some information has been leaked stating that a girl group member may have received unfair treatment during her high school year due to her connection with Choi Soon Sil’s daughter, and netizens are eager to investigate who it is and what had occurred.


Korean citizens were angered even further when they discovered that Choi Soon Sil’s daughter Jung Yoora was accepting unfair benefits through her academic career and horseback riding due to her mother’s influence.


A former teacher at Chung Dam High School reported on Jung Yoora’s exceptional treatment from her homeroom teachers. Some of the ‘bonuses’ she received were as follows: the ability to miss school with zero penalty, as well as only attending twenty-eight days of school her senior year but being able to graduate regardless.


The teacher also revealed that with Yoora being able to miss class at any given time, there was an idol trainee in the same class who would be reprimanded excessively when she missed class. The trainee reportedly confronted the teacher while crying and stated, ‘I miss school sometimes because of practice, and I get yelled at badly every time, but [Yoora] who misses way more days than I do never gets scolded. This is unfair.’


That idol trainee is now a member of a girl group that is currently active. Netizens were extremely upset after hearing this story, and are trying to find out the identity of the idol as well as demanding justice. Chung Dam High School is known for their extensive list of celebrities and trainees as alumni. Currently there are two idols who have been named repeatedly as guesses, TWICE’s Jihyo and CLC’s Yoojin.

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