Netizens Laugh When EXO Fan Sings "Growl" on TV While Tone-Deaf

Maximiliano VCHK, Oct. 22, 2014, 6:27 p.m.

Majority vote states that if you can't sing, then you should probably do everything you can to avoid being on stage. One audience member from the show "I'm a Man" was aware of her lack of singing talent, but decided to perform anyway. Her performance drew a very big reaction from the MC's of the show, the audience, and even netizens! She brought everyone to gut-busting laughter with her tone-deaf singing, which you can check out for yourself here at!

The audience member was named the "Tone-deaf Girl" by both netizens and media outlets, and admitted that she was criticized in the past plenty of times for her singing. She said that in order to confess her feelings for a fellow student that she liked, she went to a radio event to sing a song for him on live broadcast. When the PD heard her practicing, he said, "I told you to sing, not to read a book. Why do you keep sounding like you're reading a book?"

The MC's all sympathized with her and provided her an opportunity to perform a song that she enjoyed. She said that she was an EXO fanclub member, and selected EXO's "Growl" to the amusement and even horror of EXO-L's everywhere. Prepare yourself before you play the video!

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