Netizens outraged at Jo Se Ho's thoughtless actions towards BTS Jungkook & Kim Min Suk!

Anna Park, June 6, 2016, 10:02 a.m.

Comedian Jo Se Ho has found himself on the receiving end of some harsh criticism after his allegedly rude behavior towards his fellow cast mates on the SBS pilot variety show 'Flower Crew', featuring 'Descendants of the Sun' actor Kim Min Suk and BTS' maknae Jungkook.

After the airing of the first episode of the pilot program via the naver 'V' app, netizens are giving the comedian a hard time for his careless words and insincerity towards Jungkook and Kim Min Suk. During the premiere episode, the BTS maknae was seen thoughtfully bringing his cast members burgers, however, instead of showing his gratitude, Jo Se Ho was seen complaining that the food looked like leftovers and giving them back to the young singer. Later, the comedian was also seen speaking rudely to actor Kim Min Suk (who began eating the burger Jungkook gave him), stating, "You're going to stuff your face right now?"

Jo Se Ho's thoughtless actions have put him in some hot water, as outrages netizens have voiced their disappointed and anger towards the comedian. Some netizens criticized Jo Se Ho for showcasing a lack of manners, especially towards an industry junior who was new to variety programs. Other have even speculated the 'Happy Together 3' member had planned to make the popular idol singer uncomfortable.

What are you thoughts on this situation?

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