Netizens rave about Suzy and Lee Jong Suk's new drama 'While You Were Sleeping'

Cari Pak, Sept. 27, 2017, 3:28 p.m.

New SBS drama, 'While You Were Sleeping', starring Suzy and Lee Jong Suk is off to a prominent start. 'While You Were Sleeping' is a fantasy romance drama depicting the story of a woman who can see the future in her dreams and an investigator who uses the woman’s dreams to solve crimes.

Following the long-awaited first episode on September 27, netizens showered the new production with praise, saying comments such as, "This is so fun. Daebak", "Wow it's just really good. Seriously just wow", "Wow is this a movie?? This is a daebak drama", "Omg so good. Everyone hurry and watch it", "Dang this is crazy", "This is so good. 

There were also many comments about Suzy's outstanding visuals and Lee Jong Suk's ability in picking successful dramas. Netizens believe this will be the next big thing and achieve immense success similar to 'Goblin'.

What was your reaction to the first episode of 'While You Were Sleeping'?

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