Netizens react positively to NCT Dream's Jaemin's list of the 'Big 3'

Jun Ko, Aug. 23, 2019, 10:46 a.m.

NCT Dream's Jaemin caused laughter amongst the netizens with his answer of the 'Big 3' labels! Jaemin and fellow NCT Dream member Jeno sat down for an interview with a 'SUBUSU News' reporter, who had wished to uncover the secrets on passing SM Entertainment's auditions. 

The topic of the 'Big 3' was brought up in the midst of the interview. When prompted to list the 'Big 3', Jaemin answered SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and finally Big Hit Entertainment after a moment pause. Netizens reacted positively to Jaemin's answer, stating how, "I laughed so hard at that part", "A round of applause!!!", "Na Jaemin only tells the truth", "That was refreshing to hear", and more. 

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